Where is the Best Place to Sell Jewelry in San Diego?

How To Find The Best Place To Sell Jewelry in San Diego

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If you are looking to sell jewelry in San Diego, there are many options but the information below will help show you how to get the most money when selling jewelry in San Diego.

First Thing You Need To Know When Selling Jewelry in San Diego


The first thing you should do is find out what kind of jewelry you have.

When selling jewelry you may have gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, custom jewelry or estate jewelry which can be antique or vintage jewelry.

Second Thing You Need To Know When Selling Jewelry in San Diego

Next you need to find out what kind of stones you have in your jewelry such as Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Alexandrites, etc.

Gold and Platinum are valuable. Silver is also valuable but it is much less expensive than gold.

Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Alexandrites and other precious and semi precious stones have value.

Third Find Out If Your Cash for Gold Place Pays Extra For Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires….

The information below is very important if you want to get the most cash for your jewelry in San Diego:

Some cash for gold in San Diego places pay you more for your precious stones and pay you more for your gold.

Other just pay for the gold. Others even deduct the weight of your stones from the weight of your gold and pay you even less.

What you get paid for your gold can vary significantly, so it may be a good idea to shop around a little before you sell.

When you go to gold buyers in San Diego don’t be intimidated. Understand that you have something valuable and it is your right to try to get the most for your gold.

Fourth Thing You Need To Know When Selling Jewelry in San Diego

The attitude of your gold buyer in San Diego is the next indicator of whether you are dealing with an honest buyers that pays more or a shyster. 

Some places are purposely rude to you because they want to intimidate you and buy your jewelry for very little.

If you notice the people are very rude you are probably in the wrong place and will not get much for your jewelry.

Fifth Thing You Need To Know When Selling Jewelry in San Diego

The other thing to look for is if you have a lot of jewelry and the San Diego gold buyer just puts everything in a pile quickly and gives you a price without much examination.

To get paid properly for your gold the jewelry needs to be examined so it can be determined what quality gold it is. If the San Diego gold buyer does not take the time to determine what quality gold you have then you should leave because there is no way that anyone would know what quality gold you have (amount of gold is measured in “Karats”. It needs to be determined how many karats your gold is first (for example 18 karat or 18k is 75% gold whereas 14 karat gold is 58% gold, so no one can just give you a price without checking your gold unless they are shortchanging you).

Watch Out For Gold Buyers in San Diego That Advertise They Pay The HIGHEST CASH FOR GOLD in San Diego

You need to be careful as all gold buyers advertise themselves as paying the “highest cash for your gold“. If everyone is paying the HIGHEST cash for your gold then everyone should be paying the exact same amount, yet what you will get paid varies significantly from one gold buyer in San Diego to another.

If a dealer is indicating they pay the highest cash for your gold without knowing what other dealers pay then they are not being truthful. Worse, if they know others pay more and they tell you they pay the highest then they are being deceptive.

If a dealer says they pay high payouts that is much better than saying they pay the highest because there is no way that everyone can be paying the highest payouts when the offers you get on your jewelry varies so significantly, so all these people that are stating they pay the highest payouts either really will give you the highest offer or are not telling you the truth.

Last Thing You Need To Know When Selling Gold in San Diego

Reputation of Your San Diego Gold Buyer

A company is not just reputable because they say they are reputable or because they are big or they advertise a lot. They are reputable if they offer you the highest amount for your jewelry and they pay you that amount each and every time.

Larger companies that advertise a lot usually have to offset the costs of their advertising and that may reflect in the price of your jewelry.

Your best bet is to try a few places before your sell your jewelry to see who truly gives you the highest price.

Good luck with selling your jewelry and getting the most money for jewelry in San Diego. We hope this information helps you get a lot more value for your jewelry.

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