Tips About Selling Jewelry in Chula Vista CA

If you are looking to sell jewelry in Chula Vista CA or selling jewelry in San Diego, these tips can help you get more money for your jewelry.

  1. Know what type of jewelry you have. Jewelry generally comes in Gold, Silver and Platinum. The key to how much you get is how pure your gold is and which places pay more for your jewelry.


Gold comes in various purities called Karats. 24 karat gold is pure gold. If your gold is stamped the following, your percentage of gold follows:

10K (10 Karat Gold) = 41.6% gold.

14K = 58.3% gold

18k = 75% gold

22k = 91.6% gold

24k = 100% gold (generally you don’t see any 24k gold because it is too soft).

If you have gold that is stamped .585 that is another way of saying it is 58% gold or 14 karat gold (Europeans usually used these stamps).
If you see 750 on your gold, it means 18 Karat or 75% gold.
If you see .333 that means 8 karat or 33% gold (this is more rare)
If you are selling platinum you might see .999 which is close to pure platinum, you might see .950 which means 95% platinum or .900 which is 90% platinum.
If you are selling silver you may see .925 which means 92.5% silver which is the same thing as Sterling Silver. On silver sets look for the “Sterling” stamp.
One you know how much gold you have, you can see what the gold prices for that day are and estimate how much your gold is worth.
Keep in mind a 14k gold piece can actually be a little over 12 karat or 13 karat and still be stamped 14k and pass for 14k gold. Your cash for gold in San Diego places will test the gold and see how strong it holds under the 14 karat acids that are used for testing the gold. If it starts to weaken it can be 13 karat or even less and you will get paid less for it. Same goes to 10k and 18k gold.
Keep in mind your Chula Vista Pawn Shops and Chula Vista Jewelry Buyers need to make a profit to stay in business so they are not going to give you the full value of your gold. Having said that, some places pay more than others so by checking different places you will certainly get more for your gold. Come to Cortez Gold Buyers Chula Vista to get the most for your gold jewelry and get paid in cash.

2. Know if your jewelry has precious stones or not. Some jewelry comes with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones. Some places pay you nothing for these precious stones and others pay you more for them in addition to the price of your jewelry. Make sure the place you go to either pays you more for your precious stones or takes the stone off of the jewelry and gives it back to you.


Diamond can be worth a lot of money depending on their size. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires also have value. The larger the stone the more the value. If you want to get the most for your jewelry you need to know what kind of stones you have, what quality they are and how much they are worth. Cortez Jewelry Buyers in Chula Vista CA will tell you what your stones are and pays you more for them instead of deducting for them as many places do. Come to Cortez Jewelry Buyers in San Diego to get more cash for jewelry in Sand Diego.

3. Some places pay cash for jewelry in Chula Vista CA and cash for jewelry in San Diego while most other places pay by check. If you prefer to be paid in cash go to a place that pays in cash. If you are getting a high payout for a luxury item such as a Rolex watch you may want to request a check instead of cash so that you are not walking around with lots of cash. Other than that most people prefer cash as they don’t need to go to the bank to deposit or cash the check.

Cash for Jewelry San Diego

Cash for Jewelry San Diego


4. Make sure you have your ID with you so that if you are selling my jewelry in Chula Vista CA or selling my jewelry in San Diego you can finish your transaction as all proper places will require you to show ID. If they don’t ask for your ID and they don’t give you a receipt they are a shady operation and you should stay away from them.

Selling jewelry in San Diego.

Best place to sell jewlery in San Diego. Cortez Jewelry Buyers San Diego pays Cash for Jewelry in San Diego.

Finding jewelry buyers in Chula Vista CA or Jewelry Buyers in San Diego is easy. Just type in “jewelry buyers near me” or best place to sell jewelry in San Diego” or some similar keywords into google and you will see many pop up.

To get more for your jewelry make sure you check out Cortez Jewelry Buyers in Chula Vista CA, call us at 619-777-8238 or click here to contact us. 





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