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The purity of your gold jewelry is referred to at the Karat of the gold. For example 18 Karat gold (18k gold) is 75% gold. Sometimes the gold jewelry is marked .750 instead of 18k depending on where it was purchased from.

3) Gold Buyers Chula Vista will weigh your gold jewelry, and

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What does Karats mean in Gold?

Article by Dr. Tony Knight

Gold is a precious metal that is difficult to mine and has limited availability in the world. Therefore the price of gold is higher than metals that are available more readily.

Gold is also a metal that is much desired as it feels nice to have and hold and wear in addition to looking nice. Therefore gold is used in jewelry extensively.

Nowadays gold is also used in electronics and other applications that compete with its use in jewelry, watches and coins, as gold is a good conductor of electricity.

Gold is yellow. To create white gold, gold is mixed with other elements such as silver and palladium to the point that the whitish / silverish color of these other metals takes over the yellow color of gold.

The amount of gold in an item (such as your jewelry or a ring) is measured in Karats.

Karats are percentage of gold in a jewelry piece.

Pure gold is 24 karat gold. So if an item is made up of 24 karat gold, it is pure gold or 100% gold.

Many gold coins are stamped .999 pure or .9999 pure. That means these are 99.9% gold. This is done through refining gold to almost 100% pure gold through a refinery that uses processes to separate gold atoms from other elements and pulls gold atoms together, creating the purified gold.

Often you will see a marking on your gold ring indicating 14k or 10k. This is the Karat purity of the gold.

If your ring is marked 14k that means it is 58.3% pure gold. This is accomplished by dividing 14 by 24 in a calculator. 14/24 = .583

Sometimes you will see a marking of .585 on your gold jewelry. This also means it is 58.5% gold or 14 karat gold.

European countries can use the .585 standard versus in the US usually karats are used.

So if you see .750 marked on your gold that means it is 75% pure gold. So if an item weighs 100 grams and it is marked .750 or 18 karat (same thing), then 75 grams of that item is made up of pure gold and the remaining 25% are other elements which can be copper, silver or other elements or compounds.

Most Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries use high karat gold standards for their jewelry, including 24 karat gold. Some have the 18k gold standard.

In the US most gold is 14k gold and 10k gold as the standard for making jewelry.

The word Karat comes from Arabic and Middle Eastern word Ghyraat which is pronounced karat in English and Western languages.

So we get a fusion of East and West in the use of language and also in use of measurement systems.

The word Karat, spelled with a K is used when measuring pureness of gold and other jewelry metals such as platinum.

The word Carat with a C is used to measure the weight of diamonds and precious stones such as emeralds and sapphires.

5 carats equals one gram.

453 grams equals one pound.

1000 grams equals one kilogram (a Kilogram is a little over 2 pounds).

So when you buy jewelry or if you already own jewelry, you can easily determine how much precious metal is in your jewelry item by knowing the karats of your gold and carats of your precious gems.

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