Sell Broken Gold Jewelry in Chula Vista


Looking to sell Broken gold Jewelry in Chula Vista?

We buy scrap gold, broken jewelry, dental gold and any other unwanted gold and silver items you may have.

Selling broken jewelry is 1,2,3.

1) Come in to the Exchange in Chula Vista,

2) We will evaluate your broken or scrap gold,

3) We will pay you cash on the spot.

We are proud to be highly ethical broken golden jewelry buyers in Chula Vista.

Are you confused on what to do with that broken, old or unwanted gold jewelry that has no use to you? By coming to us you will receive the highest price for your scrap gold and leave satisfied for choosing the best place in all of San Diego.

How we do it? All you have to do is come in and we do all the work. One of our professionals will carefully weigh and evaluate the price of your gold.

Simple as that! If you have any questions fell free to come in at out Chula Vista location.

Want to get cash for broken jewelry in Chula Vista?

These are hard times and many people are struggling to make ends meet. We understand that times are tough that’s why we sympathize and give a high cash payout.

We will help you out with your financial struggles by selling your broken gold to us.

Simple as that. Call us today or just stop by.

Selling Jewelry in Chula Vista CA 91910 is easy. Just come in and we will look at your jewelry, give you a cash price and pay you on the spot.

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